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L.A. Baby Fertility Agency

Welcome to L.A. Baby Fertility Agency. L.A. Baby is a full service Asian egg donor agency based in Los Angeles. We are members of ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine).

We offer one of the nation’s largest Asian egg donor data base, and are extremely proud of our donor’s professionalism, ethics, and overall responsibility to their role as perspective egg donors.

We offer one of the nation’s largest Asian egg donor database, and we are proud of our donors’ professionalism, ethics, and overall responsibility. We know that couples need an assistance of a strong team to help them through the process of choosing an egg donor. Our mission is to help them reach their goal of creating a family. We offer one-on-one services, and welcome suggestions and feedback from our intended parents. Our agency will coordinate the logistical details and work side by side with their physicians. If needed, we will provide referrals to infertility centers.

Please feel free to contact us anytime at 310-775-9320 to discuss our program in detail or
email us at
We can arrange a first meeting in our office, or set-up an initial phone consultation.

(The donor will not be paid over $7000.00 under any circumstance. See Become egg donor for more detail.)

 Our donor success rate is 82-83%
 We have more than 100 Asian egg donors in our database.

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