Egg Donor Program

1. Beginning of the Process

Contact us by telephone or E-mail for information about our egg donor program.

2. The Selection Process

Choose the donor.
After confirming that your donor is available, we will request that you send the signed agreement along with deposit of $1000.

3. Psychological Screening Process

Your egg donor is asked to make an appointment for the consultation and psychological testing.

4. Legal & Insurance Process

We will process to issue the insurance policy for your egg donor.
Your attorney will draft an egg donation agreement between you and your donor. An independant attorney will represents your donor and work with your lawyer to finalize all outstanding legal issues.

5. Medical Procedures

Your infertility doctor will then begin the process of synchronizing cycles. We will request that you send a check of medical costs and rest of admin/coordination fee.

6. Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer

Upon verification that the aspiration has occurred.
We will request that you pay the egg donor compensation(cash)

7. Post Egg Retrieval

Twelve to fourteen days from the date of implantation, you will undergo a pregnancy test.

- Estimated Fees and Costs -

Admin/Coordination Fee $10,000

  • Assists couples in locating their donor
  • Coordinates medical appointments with the physician's office
  • Updates donors and recipients when applicable
  • Attorney fees for recipient
  • Attorney fees for donor
  • Psychological exam fees for donor
  • Insurance policy fees for donor

Egg Donor Compensation

The donors will NOT be paid over $7000 under any circumstance for donor compensation fees.
See Become egg donor for more detail.

* Estimated fees and costs are subject to change without prior notice.
* Estimated fees and costs do not include any travel fees.
* Medical costs are depends on each clinic, please contact your clinic for an estimate of medical costs.
* Medical costs and Egg Donor Compensation needs to pay directly to each group or person.
* LA Baby agency fee and Deposit are non-refundable.

Egg Donor