Egg Donor Requirements

The Donor must meet the following requirements:

  • Female between the ages of 19 and 30
  • Neither a smoker, nor a drug user
  • Women who have NOT had sex in exchange for money
  • Women who have NOT had sex in the preceding 12 months with any person suspected of having HIV or hepatitis infection
  • In good health proportionate
  • Prepared to help a couple have a child
  • Have regular monthly period
  • Willing to administer self-injections
  • Not Prisoners
  • Aware of the medical risks associated with egg donation (do not forget to make sure the risk to each medical clinic)
  • We only recruiting asian's ethnic donor
  • Women who within 1 year of donation have NOT undergone acupuncture, body piercing, and/or tattooing procedures in which sterile procedures were not used, or when it is unclear whether sterile procedures were used.
  • Understand that LA Baby Fertility Agency will display and show the profile/photographs towards the patient who needs egg donor for their fertility program
  • The donors will NOT be paid over $7000.00 under any circumstance.
  • Egg donors must file a IRS form 1099
  • The donor who can provide medical updates if they learn about serious genetic or other conditions that are pertinent to the offspring's health.